jueves, 10 de julio de 2008

can't get my head around you.

L O C A.
y me volvés loca a mi. porqe estás loca.
y no sabes lo qe qeres.

dios, estoy harta de vos.
estoy harta de mi.
de ser tan pelotuda.
de CREERTE cada vez.

y de volver a tropezar con la misma piedra otra vez...

la puta madre.

jueves, 19 de junio de 2008

sick and tired of being sick and tired.

bueno, me cansé de qe todo lo qe escribo en este blog lo lea medio mundo y después me entren a preguntar qe significa esto y a qe me refiero con lo otro. asi qe de ahora en adelante, acá escribo las boludeces qe se me antojen y me voi a hacerme otro blog qe no conozca nadie para escribir lo qe realmente qiero decir. :)

hoy el me hizo sonreír. like, a lot *.*

te amo, colorado soquete ♥

martes, 3 de junio de 2008

jueves, 29 de mayo de 2008

viernes, 23 de mayo de 2008

jueves, 8 de mayo de 2008


someday, I wanna have half of the self-confidence you have.

martes, 29 de abril de 2008


shit, I fucking miss you right now.

jueves, 24 de abril de 2008

this heart will start a riot in me.

'... if you take away the gay circus and the crazy clothes and the painting of the birds on faces and all of it, you're left with four boys who love each other very, very much and love to make music together. And that's my favorite thing in the world.'

bandgirls are love ♥

specially these three sweethearts ♥

lunes, 21 de abril de 2008

best bday gift ever.

reading your messages got me all nostalgic. i fucking miss you guys.
i am a wing and a prayer
ill give you heatstroke
you and i
gave our lives to strange times
ill take your sun
ill shake your son
and make him shine on you
ill sing all of your favorite songs
one more time
out of tune

everybodys got a mortgage
and a family tree
a grave plot and a legacy
but me
im just young
and full of love

domingo, 20 de abril de 2008


I'm jealous. you are mine. fuck everyone else.

sábado, 19 de abril de 2008

'to me... you are perfect'

my lungs have filled with water,
but I can still breathe,
and I can still see,
cause there is
so much life left for me.
I'll live in the floor,
and in the walls,
and in the forest,
and in the sea,
and soon enough,
in the summers breeze,
and every time you breathe,
I will flow through your heart,
and light up the sky as a star,
I'll be every where you are...

sábado, 12 de abril de 2008

definitely maybe.

ok. maybe. maybe, just maybe, your brain is going to work and you're gonna read between the lines. and you're gonna find out how much I love you. and how much you mean. I love you with all my heart. Happy 21st Bday. ♥

jueves, 10 de abril de 2008

the end of a broken heart.

we're too young
I hate to love you.

miércoles, 9 de abril de 2008

give 'em hell, kid.

I am never gonne be able to explain how much you mean to me. and heaven knows I tried. but I just can't. I mean, I don't even know why I love you this much. I just know that you are my hero. a real one. you saved me. once, twice, a million times. and I owe you everything. thank you. thank you so much for being the most amazing person in the whole fucking universe. thank you for being vulnerable and for letting me know that it's okay, that you can cry and scream if you want to. thank you for showing me that your band could save me. thank you for your beautiful voice and your vision and your lyrics. they helped me to get through a lot of shit. and that's priceless to me. I would die for you, and you know it. I told you that a hundred times on that beautiful day of happiness you gave me (22-02-08 ♥). you made me feel something I have never felt before. and it was the best feeling in the world and my body couldn't embrace it because it was so huge and amazing and I just wanna live so I can feel it again. you gave me a reason to live. your name to me, means life. there's nothing left to say, just happy birthday. be happy. and I love you with all my heart, body & soul until the day I die. ♥ Gerard Arthur Way.

martes, 8 de abril de 2008

sábado, 5 de abril de 2008

I would drop it on a dime for you.

not long ago
I gave up hope
but you came along
and gave something I could hold on to
and I want you, more than you could ever know.

lunes, 31 de marzo de 2008

"I just wanna do so many things to you"

hey, this is Gabe and I wanna fuck him up against a wall. ♥

jueves, 27 de marzo de 2008

I had the world (I thought I did)

she held the world upon a string
but she didn't ever hold me
spun the stars on her fingernails
but it never made her happy
cause she couldn't ever have me.

she said she won the world at a carnival
but she could never win me
cause she couldn't ever catch me.

I don't love you I'm just passing the time
you could love me if I knew how to lie

but who could love me?
I am out of my mind
throwing a line out to sea
to see if I can catch a dream.

I'm sure I didn't ruin her
just made her more interesting.

I guess I don't have to say anything.
you just made me more interesting, that's all.

lunes, 24 de marzo de 2008

ross twister II

I don't know why you make me so happy. it's just... I don't know. you're the sweetest couple in the world. you both are so talented and such nice and lovely people. I just wanna hug you both 'til my arms are numb.
Ryan, you're my lost brother, but you already knew that. you mean so much to mean, I just can't explain it. and I love you even more just because you make my girl happy.
Keltie, you're so beautiful and talented and perfect. and I could marry you if you were not Ryan's girlfriend haha. this I swear. I admire you and I love you. and you make my brother happy and that's priceless.
thanks to you both, because with making each other happy, you're making me happy. ♥

miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2008

ross twister.-

how on the fucking earth can somebody get to me as deep as you do? you and I are so much alike, it's actually scary. and maybe this can sound psycho, but we should be together. seriously. we should be together every day, loving and supporting each other. we should fight at every single moment for stupid stuff and then hug & kiss. you should be my family, my best friend and that one person that'll never let me down. because you would know that I could never ever let you down. because I love you. and it's clear now. you mean so much, words can't even describe it. and I love you. I EFFIN LOVE YOU. and I love you more with every minute that passes by. and I really should hate you for this feelings, I really should. but I can't do anything about it. I love you and the world can tell because I am not hiding it.

oh, and I almost forgot. I love you, Ryan Ross.

sábado, 15 de marzo de 2008

some things slide by so carelessly.



martes, 4 de marzo de 2008

"my heavy heart sinks deep down under you and your twisted words... your help just hurts"

there's some things I really hate about you.
and I should really reaaally hate your never ending bullshit.
but I can't.
I'm in love with it as much as I'm in love with you.

but I feel so good right now.
because I realized that it's not wrong. that I can I love you.
that what's wrong is the pain.
so I'm letting myself love you... but without the hurting.
and it feels like the right thing to do.

I'm hopeful again.

I'm not gonna write you a love song 'cause you asked for it, 'cause you need one...

walking contradiction.

I'm loving you so much at this very moment.

[and you're not even talking to me right now...
but I just felt like writing it.]

yeah, I do. and I love you some more ♥.

lunes, 3 de marzo de 2008

bad habits.

can't you tell?
I effin love you, stupid fuck ♥.

domingo, 27 de enero de 2008

"you shine brighter than anyone does"

you are the light of my life.
you are that one person I cherish the most.
I could never ever live without you.
and right now I really need you to hold me together.
I know you would do that. without a doubt.
I know you would... if you could.
if we could be together.

I will love you til the day I die. promise.
and you'll never know how much I wish you could promise me the same thing back...

don't you ever dare stop shining.

lunes, 21 de enero de 2008

"I left my conscience pressed between the pages of the bible in the drawer. what did it ever do for me? I say"

why does my life always have to be messed up in some way?
why can't I have peace for a while?
why can't I enjoy my life? be satisfied about it?
why do I have to be blue all the fucking time?
and feel miserable and useless and just want to die?

I only want my head to be quiet. for a little while.
otherwise I'm just gonna pop. literally.

"sometimes I feel broken, can't get fixed"

but self mutilation is not the fucking answer, asshole.

all's well that ends well.

she will not waste away her dreams for you.
she will not shed a tear for you.
she will never forget you.
she will love you for ever.
but she knows it is going to be okay from now on.
she is okay.

a smile lights up her face.
she is hopeful again.
thank you.

miércoles, 16 de enero de 2008

"I'd photocopy all the things that we could be if you took the time to notest me"

I hope someday you'll be able to see all the good things I have in me.
not so you can love me.
just cause I want you to know what you've missed.

"you really broke my heart"

people love to fuck up with my head.
and I love to let them do it anytime they feel like doing it.

but not anymore, no.

sábado, 12 de enero de 2008

new year, new life.

that's all I'm thinking right now.
and you're only gonna be part of this new life of mine if you want to.
I'm not gonna push it anymore.
it's your call now.
I'm going on a different direction.
if you wanna come, it's alright.
if you don't, just leave me alone and I'll get over everything.
just because I wanna be happy. with or without you.
and I'm gonna make it. I promise.

"don't tell me lies, just say goodbye"

I would like to tell you a lot of things.
but I know I don't have the right because I should have said them before.
so now I can't tell you how mad I am at you for forgetting everything about me.
because I never told you how much all you said meant to me.
and how much you mean[t] to me.

everything is so messed up right now.
you really fucked my brain.

martes, 1 de enero de 2008

"guess I'm wishing my life away with this things I'll never say"

alright, I'm really mad now.